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Sea Game: Mega Provider is a real-time management technique game for mobile platform. You objective is to stop the wicked job of the final Medusa. You will construct your ocean army from zero. Help your allies to beat the potential opponents with your giant warship. The game is part of structure type and part of the social experience. You can fight the sea war with multi-players all over the world. We are here to help you complete the sea game journey with our special Sea Game Mega Carrier cheats and tips.

Choose ideal ships to build your fleet. The game supplies lots of ships for gamers to choose from. Each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some of them have strong firepower, a few of them have strong armor and others are good at bring large quantities of armies. Before each ocean war, you need to make certain you have actually prepared the right ships and the right crews. Right teams indicates that you put your all crew members in the ideal position of the game.

Try to complete more jobs as long as you can. There are primarily two type tasks in this game. One is the plot task and the other is the difficulty task. Story jobs are must do missions. Without finishing the needed objective, your gaming development will not go forward. In addition to complete the story line jobs, we highly advise you complete the difficulty tasks too. Due to the fact that these tasks will reward you rare presents (such as diamond) after your completing them.

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