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LifeAfter is an unique survival game which positions players in a severe post-viral world. You need to check out every inch of the post-apocalyptic world to discover ideal weapons and tools to keep yourself safe. In this game, you will combat against zombies and other opponents which will ruin your life. You also require to collect products and craft your own equipment to assault other gamers. Constantly keep yourself armed quickly is the key to beat your opponent. If you discover yourself struggling in playing this game, we suggest you read our LifeAfter cheats and tips below.

Find food and weapons as soon as possible. Your very first tasks need to be getting food and weapons quickly. They are the most essential items to keep you endure in the game. Food can restore your health and help you live longer if you are injured in battle. Defense can assist you safeguard yourself and assault your opponent. The fast way to get them is use navigation. Simply click on the navigation button, it will reveal you a list of materials you need and the locations in which you can find them. Choose the closed area to start with. You do not wish to wast your most time on collecting your very first material.

Always examine your maps prior to taking action. Take notice of the locations which marked with symbols. The exclamation mark on the map indicates the area will be restricted within a couple of minutes. If you require to enter it, you should move fast and act rapidly. You can not access to the areas which have stop signs. We recommend you stay away from these areas. Since they are normally harmful to all gamers.

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