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Eternal Senia Hydrangea After the Rain is a traditional RPG mobile game. This RPG type remote control game integrates unlimited tapping and idle machinery technology together, which will bring you hours of killing fun! You can collect more than numerous unique artifacts to strong your characters' performance. By getting rid of numerous ranks in the unlimited attacks of the enemy, you will ultimately reach your last objective. Our Eternal Senia Hydrangea After the Rain cheats and tips will provide you the most handy information to attain your objective.

Tap rapidly as long as you can. The more clicks per second, the more combo attacks you will output and the greater the damage to your opponent. To maximize your damage, we suggest you put your mobile phone on a flat surface area then hit it with your strong finger crazily. This is how the advanced gamers kill hundreds of enemies within 3 minutes.

Use abilities sensibly. Sometimes you will encounter some strong enemies who can't be defeated by regular attacks. In this case, you need to release your ability to assist you know down your opponent. However you must remember that, once your abilities are released, they require time to charge. If you don't want to await the next skill release, you can utilize amethysts to shorten the recharge time. Amethysts is a premium currency in the game. The most simple method to get them up until now is utilizing Eternal Senia Hydrangea After the Rain hack. By utilizing this tool, your account will quickly have lots of amethysts.

Version 4.91. Last Updated: 28/5/2017 EDT

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