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Crown Four Kingdoms is a dream animation style mobile game. You will be shocked by its high quality 3D phase and appealing plot. If you love real time and large scale Kingdom war, you must not miss this game. Your goal is to conquer all your opponents and joined all kingdoms into one. To achieve your mission, you have to hire your favorite heroes and construct your own empire. We are willing to help you start the ideal path and fix any problem that you might have in the game. So keep reading our Crown Four Kingdoms cheats and tips listed below.

CMake sure you know whatever about your heroes. Once you choose the kingdom you will defend, you require to summon and recruit your heroes to assist you. Heroes are set up in an unusual order and coded appropriately. Each hero has its own class. There are total four classes style in the game: Warrior, Assassin, Ranger and Wizard. You should select the very best class to matches your character. For instance, if you like attack, you should pick warrior and assassin. As soon as you decides your heroes' class, you should have a look at its physical stats. You need to have a clear watching of what is your heroes' benefit and downside. Then set up a strategy to enhance your hero's weakness in the kingdom war fighting.

CUtilize the class transfer system. You should know that your hero's class can be change in a particular condition. As soon as your hero reach level seven, you have an opportunity to move your hero's class. So don't quit when you select the wrong class for your hero at first. Class transferring will cost you diamonds (a premium currency in the game). For that, you need to prepare lots of diamonds in your pocket. The easier and safe way to earn diamonds is by utilizing Crown Four Kingdoms hack. This hacking service will make your diamond-bar complete in a couple of minutes. As you have unrestricted diamonds in your hands, you can move your hero's class regularly. What's better, you can update your hero's capability to max level.

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