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Angry Birds Dream Blast is an easy to play puzzle game. You require to finish a series of levels to assist the birds solve more secrets puzzle by popping the falling bubbles. The game follows the basic format of puzzle type predecessors, so that you can get used to the game play system quickly. Though the very first phases of this game is easy to finish, you will lastly notice the coming level is a lot more tough than the previous ones. But you do not need to worry too much. Our Angry Birds Dream Blast cheats and tips will prepare you well.

Make more bubbles mix! The quick way to clear a certain stage is to utilize bubbles mix. If this is done correctly, it will clear your present level with in a couple of minutes. When you combine two or more unique bubbles, they will be more efficient, launch more power and help you attain your goals much faster. The only thing you require to combine the bubbles is to discover more similar color bubbles, then tap them together. After that, the screen will shine 2 seconds, it implies you are prosper in bubble mix.

Try best to develop special bubbles! As said previously, you require more special bubbles to end up the combination. Without unique bubbles, you can't clear some specific phase in the game. Developing and utilizing unique bubbles routinely will assist you make excellent development in all levels.

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